"Are you able to provide table linen and cutlery & crockery?"

Yes we provide a comprehensive range of hire ware.

"Can you cook indoors?"

Cooking the whole roast indoors isn't ideal. We tend to cook outside then bring the machine in once the cooking is done. The burners are then left on tick-over during the service period.

"Do you precook the pig/hog?"

No, never. Our quality meat deserves nothing less than being cooked freshly at your event. You can only ensure perfect crackling by freshly cooking your pig at the location. We certainly never reheat any of our meat.

"How much space do I require for a pig/hog roast?"

We can operate in a surprisingly small area. We only require a space of 12 square foot. A standard domestic 13 amp power supply is helpful but not essential.

"How long does a spit-roast take?"

A pig will take on average 6 -7 hours. 
A lamb will take on average between 3-4 hours.
A whole hind of beef 7-10

"What happens if it rains?"

Firstly it probably won't! If it does rain we simply cook and serve under our canopy if an indoor area is not available.

"How many people can you cater for?"

We pride ourselves on being totally flexible. We can cater for groups numbering between 20 and 2000.

"If my event is for less than 50 can we still have a pig roast?"

Yes, of course. It will cost a little more per guest as most of our overheads remain the same but it can be done. (Steer clean of anyone suggesting a roasted leg joint! It's just not suited for a spit roast)

"Do you only provide pig roasts/hogs?"

No, the Piggy Squire is primarily a catering company that specialises in Hog Roast and Barbecues. As such we provide the most amazing canapes and desserts as well as amazing vegetarian menus.

"Do you cater for vegetarians?"

The Piggy Squire delivers an unforgettable experience for all. Vegetarians are never treated as an afterthought.

"Can we a combine a pig roast and a lamb roast?"

Yes, of course.

"Are you a registered food business?"

Yes, we are registered with Cherwell District Council. We’re proud to have held the 5 star food hygiene rating since its introduction in 2009.

"Do you hold public liability insurance?"

Yes we hold 10 Million public and product liability.

"What areas do you cover?"

The Piggy Squire provides Hog Roasts in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and West London.

Hot potatoes

The Piggy Squire is based in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Our rural location gives us access to the best producers, suppliers in the country. We take huge pride in buying direct from two local farmers.

Matt serving at an Oxfordshire Summer wedding, 2016


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